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Emaline Saylor

Emaline is Kirschbaum & Co.'s office manager/senior law clerk and brings over ten years of experience working in government departments, post-secondary institutions, and small to mid-size law firms. Emaline has a passion for creativity which she applies to the firm's website design and decoration of the office space. She has lived, worked, and studied in Ottawa since 2013, having moved to the area soon after graduating from Durham College.


Emaline obtained her Bachelor's degree in legal studies from Carleton University, which further instilled her passion for justice and fairness. Emaline is the first point of contact for Kirschbaum & Co., providing a patient and gentle approach to client communication while supporting the lawyers of the firm.


In her spare time Emaline enjoys painting portraits, gardening, and attending various festivals in the Ottawa/Montreal area.

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